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Do you want to like the way your wireless looks or do you want to get what you really want?

Updated: May 20, 2019

2019 - When was the last time you walked into a Taco Bell and said “I’ll have a Coke with that” only to hear back from the cashier “Is Pepsi OK?”. I’ll bet it wasn’t THAT long ago.

And why? It’s because Coke has done a better job creating brand awareness at the consumer level. “Coke” is pretty much used as a generic term for soda, not by everybody, but by enough people where it makes a difference. I have no clue what Coke vs Pepsi sales are but it doesn’t take much to conclude that Coke is probably king by a long shot. In fact, I bet Coke beats all the other cola companies combined.

Is Pepsi technically a different kind of soda than Coke? Sure. Do many people prefer it? You bet. Even I prefer Pepsi, slightly, and guess what? That’s exactly what I did the other week by habit. I asked for my non-preference, what I didn't want, just because of better marketing.

Now let's talk wireless. You've got Unlimited Plans and Smartphones. Soda. Both of them. So how do you make sure that you don't fall into the "get me a soda" trap the next time you walk into a wireless store? How do you avoid asking for and getting what you don't want?

Look for Unlimited Plans based on price, coverage, and data speeds. Coverage and data speeds are important to end user experience and price means value. Nobody wants to overpay for soda, that's just stupid. Is an Unlimited Plan $40 or $80 a month? Because I've seen both advertised and I don't see the difference in the ads.

With Nettalk Wireless, you get an Unlimited One Plan for $40. Nettalk is a T-Mobile USA partner and covers 98% of where Americans live, work and play. There's extended coverage to Puerto Rico and Canada plus the nation's fastest 4G LTE data network. Not to mention the perks. Like unlimited free video and music streaming for your device.

But what about the Smartphone? Well, you're looking for price, features, and promotions. The new Google Pixel 3a was just released as an unlocked version, that means it'll work with any carrier. And it's a Value Premium, which means it's got premium features at a value price (which is about half-price versus competitors Apple and Samsung). With the OLED display, for example, it'll be perfect for all that unlimited video streaming. An encryption chip protects your data, it's got a best-in-class camera with Night Sight, and a long lasting, rapid charging battery. And promotions? Get $100 off an already great price here.

Wireless has a lot of options, but if you want to get what you really want, there's not a lot of options for you.

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