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It's 2019 and you don't know where to go?

2019 - That may or may not be true, but anyone can use a couple of extra ideas anyway. Whether you're looking for a 2-day, 3-day, or 7-day outing, here's a couple of 2019 options that might work for you. Or perhaps you've got a better idea and in either case, I've got a Travelation deal for you.

Personalized Protection Handgun Course (2-days)

-Spend a couple of days learning how to use a handgun. In today's world, it doesn't hurt to have this knowledge whether your own a weapon or not. Call it self-improvement and a learning experience.

Bodyguard Training Camp Executive Protection (7-days)

-Looking for a new line of work and don't know what to do? Invest in this 7-day course covering liability control tactics, motorcades, tactical handgun use, and much more. Learn everything that your average 9 to 5 desk job wouldn't allow you to do.

Ambition 2019 - Ambit Energy's Annual Conference (3-days)

-Get away from it all for a couple of days to grow your full or part time Ambit Energy Consulting Business. These events are geared to help you network with other consultants and grow your residual income stream so that you can retire when you want to retire - sooner.

The Karate College (3-days)

-Join the nation's #1 martial arts camp June 27th - 30th in Radford, VA. All styles, all ranks welcome. Learn some new techniques, concepts and enjoy the atmosphere. Don't forget to pack what you need.

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