How an Internet Salesforce can work for you.

Updated: May 20, 2019

2019 - Have you decided to sell something on the Internet? Tried E-Bay or Amazon but dissatisfied with the 100’s of competitors above and below you with better prices on the same damn thing? Then affiliate marketing may be your online savior.

The great thing about an E-Bay or Amazon is all the free traffic. Just list your products and wait. It’s pretty much free. The issue is that everybody else already knows this as well so they do the same thing. And they do it for much less. And that means a real long wait for you.

Now for the alternative. Your own website with your own products and there are 1000’s to choose from. Digital products. Portable lights. Bluetooth Wireless Speakers. You name it, it’s out there.

But how much can you make? Let’s give a couple of examples on return on investment (ROI).

A. You sell products that cost you $50 for $100 each online. You make 5 sales a month. Your gross sales are $500, net profit $250. But you spend $100 a month for website marketing to drive customers to your site. That’s a net profit of $150 a month or $1800 a year. Not bad, that’ll buy a nice vacation or even be a down payment on a new car.

B. You sell products that cost $50 for $100 each online. You have 25 affiliates that you got hooked up with through ShareASale after signing up as a merchant for a one-time $550 fee. Only 15 of your affiliates produce 1 sale each per month, 10 of them are dead as doornails at zero or once in awhile sales. You pay 10% of each sale to your affiliates. Now you’re gross sales are $1500 a month and your net profit is $600 per month or $6650 per year (minus the $550 fee included).

So what’s better? A or B? There’s really no dispute if you’re in business to make a few bucks. The more the merrier, right?

ShareASale Affiliate Network allows other webmasters to approach you to advertise your product on their website for commissions (10% is pretty common). You no longer have to pay for traffic, other sites bring your online business THEIR TRAFFIC 24/7 and YOU PROFIT FROM IT. Why not put your kids through college AND take that vacation AND get that new car?

Sure, it sounds easy, and that’s just simple math talking. There is a little bit more to do, such as getting a great website, niche product, and attracting a few quality affiliates that are actually going to be on your side and will do what you want them to do.

Naturally, it’s the Internet, and there’s plenty of all to be found for all. I won’t be going through millions of products nor will I be approving or denying your affiliate partners. Of course not. That’s your decision and you’re entitled to it.

But I can get you started with an outstanding managed Wordpress website with WP Engine and get you 3 months free.

No, I didn’t include a few extra bucks per month for a managed website, but I think you’ll agree with 80,000 other website owners that getting a few sales starts with a good first impression. Or a good last impression. Or better yet, a good anytime impression.

Chicago based ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world and is trusted by over 4,000 merchants just like you.

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