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Essence Kenpo's Marathon

Updated: May 19, 2019

2019 - So you want to be a Martial Artist but you don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you don’t know where you want to finish?

Well, in order to run a Marathon you’ve got to have endurance, right? That’s a CONCEPT that any serious person with a goal such as that would have in mind before committing to any training regimen or actually lacing up a pair of running shoes. Or they’ll be disappointed when they fail.

Essence Kenpo offers you the chance to understand the concept of what you’ll need in order to get to where you want to go. It’s called a C-Dan and while your physical skills may not be as sharp as other Black Belts (yet), you’ll be wearing a Black Belt that is more or less a rank for your mind. A Martial Conceptualist. And the physical part will follow as long as you train.

So what do you need to understand to be a Martial Conceptualist?

-Understand what the basic techniques are in most styles of stand-up arts so that you know what you have to learn.

-Understand how forms and kata put movement and techniques together.

-Understand that your hands are primary weapons and the most common form of both offense and defense in 99% of conflicts.

-Understand the value of grappling as it relates to resolving conflict with larger or stronger opponents.

-Understand that an effective response (such as a block or combination or throw) is a product of practice and proficiency.

There’s plenty of detail on which techniques you’ll need to learn here. And there’s going to be training tips as well. But the above concepts are a good start.

If you like the concept of starting or finishing your training as a C-Dan, then you may also request a formal Certificate of Recognition on this site based on your years of training or lack there of. Either way, it’s formal recognition of your Martial Conceptualist state of mind and that’s a good start or finish plus everything in between.

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