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Privacy - It's all or none.

Updated: May 19, 2019

2019-Data privacy has become a very big deal in recent years. You've got Equifax, Target, and Chili's just to name a few who've had their proprietary business information compromised, and yes, it's cost them. While you may hear about these big businesses in the news, what you don't hear about are smaller businesses out there who may become targets of hackers or others with criminal or malicious intentions that want to get their hands on your data.

VPN provides a low cost solution to your wireless devices and your home computer network to safeguard against these attacks. VPN basically encrypts all the data being sent to and from your device to your network, be it Wi-Fi, wireless, or cable Internet. This means that somebody looking for information on what you're sending over email or what you're browsing on the web will have a difficult time in doing so. And this protection costs under $2 per month.

Do you use your wireless device for banking information? That's not something that I'd want to release to someone that clearly had no intention of asking permission prior to gaining access to your device or computer. And sure, there are other fraud safeguards out there, but there's definitely a reason why data privacy is expected to be a $155 Billion industry. It's because people like you value their privacy, plain and simple.

And people not like you value their privacy, too. Need I mention Hulk Hogan or Erin Andrews? You may not even be aware how much your data is worth until it's been compromised and that's a tough way to find out. Even tougher for those that compromised it.

PureVPN is a great choice that offers Enterprise-grade security for up to 5 devices for a single account. Apple OS? Android? Windows? No problem. PureVPN has unlimited data bandwidth and can protect even your most sensitive business data. You'll also get a different IP address on all of your internet-powered devices for complete anonymity when browsing, which is especially useful when viewing sensitive content. And you can take your security with you all over the world.

Hackers won't wait for your business to get protected and neither should you.

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